Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Sweatorial: Casual Chic Sweatshirt

There's nothing better than a comfy sweatshirt. But often times, it's hard to put together an outfit with a sweatshirt that is pulled together and chic. That's where this DIY comes in....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Milano... here I come!

Photo of Piazza del Duomo by Peter Lissidini (edits by me).


Buongiorno everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you... I will be traveling abroad in the fall and will be studying at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympics Obsessed & Gold Nails

Rocking my gold nails and Team USA hat at a Wisconsin hockey game, in support of all of the former Badgers who are playing on the Olympics team-- Ryan Suter, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan & Joe Pavelski!

It's official... I'm obsessed with the 2014 Winter Olympics. :) There have been many exciting moments. Some of my favorites include Sage Kotsenburg, who won the first ever Olympic gold medal in men's snowboard slopestyle and I love that Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the USA's first gold medal in ice dancing!

My absolute favorite event has been men's ice hockey. I'm a huge hockey fan and the USA team is filled with former Wisconsin Badgers, which is the university I am studying at. The game against Russia was BEYOND AMAZING. I couldn't breath during the shootout because I was so nervous, but it was super exciting to watch and an incredible ending to a hard-fought battle between two great teams!

I decided to wear gold nail polish to show my love for the Olympics, because after all, what is better than gold?

Perfect gold nails to match the perfect Olympics hat.

This has to be the best gold nail polish I have ever used and best of all, it's  from Victoria's Secret! I used it for well over a week and still didn't have any chips! I got many compliments and it literally looks like you dipped your fingers in solid gold! It's the perfect polish! You can find it here!

Have you been enjoying the Olympics? What team are you rooting for? Do you have any fun Olympics fashion or party ideas to share? Feel free to leave a comment!

Stay Fashionably Sporty & go Team USA

P.S. I have added Russia to my list of places to travel someday-- it's beautiful!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Going for Gold

With the Olympics starting in a week, I have been even more inspired to work out. Seeing the world's best athletes on the news, in magazines, and online has inspired me to increase the amount of time I dedicate towards working out and overall fitness! When going to the gym or running around town, I can't survive without my music. It's almost more important than air... almost. ;) So I finally decided to buy an iPhone. It was time to upgrade in to the 21st century and I really wanted to use all of the amazing apps that are available with it.

I am in LOVE with the Nike Running and Nike Training apps. They are great ways to track your progress and also show you awesome exercises.

My current music obsessions on my iPhone include:
Imagine Dragons
American Authors
Kendrick Lamar
Florida Georgia Line

I hope you're all enjoying 2014 and keeping up with your goals. I would love some music suggestions... so if you have songs that really inspire you to hit the gym, leave a comment!

Stay Fashionably Sporty my lovely readers! Xx

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Red, White, & Blue Olympics Drink Recipe

Happy New Year! We are all going to rock 2014 and make it our best year yet... I just know it. (: In just 35 days, the 2014 Winter Olympics will begin in Sochi, Russia! I am a huge fan of the Olympics and I can't wait to watch the world's best athletes compete!

I'm already in the process of planning an Olympics viewing party and you can definitely not have an Olympics party without a festive drink!
These adorable festive drinks will be a hit at any Opening Ceremony party! I first made these on the Fourth of July, but they are absolutely perfect for the Olympics! The best part is, if you need to switch up the colors because your flag is not red, white, & blue, it is totally possible!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

NBA Summer Internship Program

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

When I sent in my application for the NBA Summer Internship Program on January 12th, 2013, never in a million years did I imagine I would get an interview. I didn't think I would be packing up my belongings and moving to New York City for the 10-week program, but it happened, because dreams do come true. (:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Workout Obsessions

My favorite part of working out and running is listening to music. I also love wearing colorful workout clothes, so I couldn't resist buying these amazing and totally fashionably sporty sports bras from Victoria's Secret.

When working out, I'm currently OBSESSED with 'Waiting Game' by BANKS. Seriously, it's on repeat.  I've loved it for awhile now, but you may recognize it more recently from Victoria's Secret's new holiday ad! Check it out below and please let me know what your favorite workout songs are as I am always looking for new ones!

Sweat in style while listening to your favorite songs and stay fashionably sporty!